Most of us care how we look and strive to look our best. Some of us seek treatments or procedures to improve our appearance. However, having cosmetic surgery will not buy you happiness. If you have a healthy self-image and realistic expectations about your personal appearance, cosmetic surgery may positively impact your self-esteem and self-confidence.
“I didn’t really think about cosmetic surgery until I started to see changes in my face that made me look so much older than I felt,” says Rosemary. “Generally, I am pretty happy with how I look, I just think I would feel a lot more confident if I could reduce the wrinkles around my eyes.”

Although the media and others may try to define beauty in a certain way, you should think about how you define your own personal beauty. A healthy attitude is to be the “best me I can be.”

“When I decided to have surgery on my nose, I had realistic expectations about whether or not it would make me more popular or more successful,” says Andrew. “For me, it was important about feeling good about myself—and it really was the best decision I have made. I wish I would have done it much sooner.”

Americans have an increasing interest in the benefits offered by cosmetic surgery. Three out of four Americans (75 percent) believe that cosmetic surgery offers at least one benefit, ranging from looking younger to looking more attractive.

Americans also subscribe to the theory that a little goes a long way, and if offered a free cosmetic procedure, respondents would elect to change at least one feature about their face. Thirteen percent of Americans who would accept the offer of free cosmetic surgery would change everything about their face.

Whether you are looking for refinement, reconstruction, or rejuvenation, it is important to be informed. Ask yourself how much the status quo bothers you. Learn as much as possible about your options by researching the procedure, getting input from friends, and talking to previous patients.

“I think seeking a professional opinion from a facial plastic surgeon is invaluable,” says Nicole. “I wanted someone to listen to my concerns, evaluate my face, and give me options that I could choose from and that would fit within my budget.”

Schedule a consultation appointment to talk about your facial features; find out your options to help make you more confident and more satisfied with your appearance!