Our clinic offers a 24-hour pH probe monitoring service for patients who suspect they may have reflux disease.

Participants will wear the device for 24 hours to determine if they have reflux. The device will show if reflux is prevalent during the day or in the evening. These results will help us guide your  treatment accordingly.

Patients who have the 24-hour pH probe service will be divided into one of three categories:

  1. No clinically significant reflux disease. Patients in this category should discontinue taking medications for reflux disease. These medications have long-term negative side effects that we would like to avoid if possible.
  2. Substantial reflux disease. These patients need to see a gastroenterologist and have their esophagus monitored closely. Patients in this category are at greater risk of developing Barrett’s esophagitis and other more serious esophageal pathology. Making lifestyle modifications and taking a proton pump inhibitor or other medications may not be adequate for this group of patients.
  3. Mild to moderate reflux disease. These patients can be followed conservatively, undertaking behavior modifications, and may find relief using a proton pump inhibitor or other appropriate medical intervention.

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