Facial Implant Description

Chin, jaw or cheek implants designed to improve or enhance facial contours. Usually made of solid medical-grade silicone.

Length of Surgery

One to three hours

In / Outpatient



Local with Conscious IV Sedation or General

Recovery Time from Treatment

Return to work in 5 to 14 days. Avoid strenuous activity for 3 to 4 weeks.

Treatment Frequency


Risks-Include but not limited to

Infection, bleeding, nerve injury, shifting of implant, complications related to anesthesia.

Duration of Results


Essential Questions

  1. Can facial implants alone achieve my goals for facial harmony?
  2. Are injectable fillers a reasonable substitute?
  3. Where will the incisions and resulting scars be located?
  4. What is your experience with this facial implant technique?
  5. What type of anesthesia do you recommend?

Facial Implant Surgery Inside Tip

Facial harmony means the facial features and proportions create a pleasant, balanced, distinct and individual appearance. The individual characteristics of the brow, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, jaw, and lips all contribute to facial appearance, but it is how they work together that leads to facial harmony and beauty.