Assistive Listening Devices - Hearing Aids - Salem, ORA variety of assistive listening and alerting devices are available for demonstration in our office. All are designed to improve your communication experience, and include ALDs, alarm clocks, and amplified telephones.

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are essentially portable amplifiers used to boost sound, making it easier to hear in situations where background noise can limit your comprehension. They work by broadcasting signals to an FM receiver that can be used as a standalone unit or paired with hearing aids, mobile phones, computers, televisions, and other Bluetooth-compatible devices. ALDs can help you hear in classrooms, movie theaters, churches, restaurants, and retail stores.

Persons with hearing loss understandably have trouble when it comes to alarm clocks. Getting around this problem is simple with the use of alarm clocks made specifically for the hearing impaired. These are available with either vibrating bed shakers, extra-loud adjustable alarm volumes that exceed 110 decibels, or both. Either way, even the heaviest sleepers will awaken easily.

Making telephone calls is another obstacle faced by those with hearing loss. Amplified telephones enable these individuals to adjust the volume up to an extra 30-50 decibels, making conversations easier to follow. Some include added features like closed-caption text, flashing ringers, frequency control, and caller ID. Look for an amplified telephone that is Hearing Aid Compatible (identified with an HAC logo); these significantly reduce feedback.