Hearing Aid Repairs Salem, ORHearing aids are complex instruments that are exposed to a harsh environment every single day. Moisture, heat and earwax can all cause trouble for the internal and external components. Hearing Aid Repair services, reprogramming, and warranties are available for most makes and models of hearing aids.

To protect your hearing aids and reduce the odds of needing costly repairs, make sure to clean them every day and store them in a protective case when not in use. If you are experiencing problems with your devices, try to troubleshoot them yourself – many times there is an easy solution to get them working optimally again.

Try the following tips:

If you are experiencing feedback or a whistling noise, try removing your hearing aids and reinserting them. Sometimes this is all it takes to resolve the issue! Check for earwax buildup, and clean your devices if necessary.

If there is no sound coming from your hearing aids, check for a dead battery first. If replacing it does not solve the problem, your microphone or sound outlet may be clogged. Try changing the wax filter or cleaning the microphone with a brush. For sound that is distorted or unclear, dirty battery contacts may be to blame. Try replacing the battery, cleaning the battery surfaces or opening and closing the battery compartment. Also make sure your hearing aids are set to microphone instead of telecoil mode.

If you are still experiencing trouble, Willamette Hearing Center provides servicing and hearing aid repair solutions.

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