Welcome to our physician owned and operated surgical facility; we want to take this opportunity to assist you in making your experience as comfortable and easy as possible.

Welcome to River Road Surgery Center SalemEnclosed in this packet are general surgery instructions. It is your responsibility to read them carefully. We also have information available to you on our web site regarding your patient rights and responsibilities and Advance Directive information. Our web address is www.entsalem.com. Choose the Surgery Center under the Patient Services Tab and then click on the Patient Forms page link. If you have other questions, or if you would like a copy of the advanced directive mailed to you, please do not hesitate to call our surgery schedulers at (503) 316-1370. If you would like to have your patient rights reviewed with you verbally please call (503) 485-2584.

Please bring a copy of any advanced directive living will or durable power of attorney for medical care with you to you surgical visit. Please be advised that we do not anticipate life threatening events as a result of the outpatient procedures we perform. If there is a life threatening event at our facility we will take all measures to resuscitate patients and transfer them to Salem Hospital for advanced care.

You should be aware that your physician may have partial ownership of this surgical facility and you have the right to have surgery at any other facility where your surgeon has privileges.

Your Anesthesiologist may choose to contact you ahead of time to discuss your anesthesia. PLEASE FOLLOW YOUR ANESTHESIOLOGIST’S INSTRUCTIONS. EVEN IF THEY ARE DIFFERENT FROM THOSE YOU RECEIVED FROM YOUR NURSE. If you don’t receive a call, please know that the anesthesia plan will be discussed and all of your questions will be answered when you meet and talk to your anesthesiologist prior to surgery.

If you have insurance, we will bill it for you. If you are having a cosmetic procedure, all fees are due in full on the day of surgery unless otherwise instructed. Two financial forms detailing estimated costs will be given to all patients. One form is for the doctor fees and one form is for facility fees. Please take time to review both forms carefully and contact our Financial Counselor at (503) 566-4901 if you have any questions.

If you have FMLA forms, disability forms, or any other type of work release paperwork that needs to be completed due to your surgery, give those forms to the Clinic Reception staff. You will need to sign a records release authorization for the doctor’s office to complete these forms. DO NOT give these forms to the surgery center staff or your physician. This will delay the processing of your paperwork. Please allow at least 5 business days for completion of these forms.

We have designated parking for our surgical patients to make transport to their vehicles as easy as possible following their surgery. The designated parking is on the northeast portion of the lot, across from the circle drive.

Please limit the number of people who accompany you to the center. As a rule, one responsible adult who will drive you home is adequate. In the case of small children, both parents can accompany the child. It is required that one parent or legal guardian remains on the premises at all times! Children not having surgery should not be brought to the surgical center, as the parents need to focus their attention on the patient.

Children are encouraged to bring a favorite toy and/or blanket with them to surgery.

For the comfort of others we ask that you not play loud music or movies in the waiting area. Please bring ear pieces to listen to devices you bring from home. There is a TV in our waiting room that plays a recorded program with closed captioning so as not to disturb those who choose to read.

Perfumes and scented lotions are prohibited for patients and their guests. Many of our patients have allergies or have undergone surgery and these scents can cause irritation and nausea.

As a courtesy to patients who are required to fast, we ask that food not be brought into our waiting area. Beverages are allowed in our waiting area and there is complimentary tea and coffee available. Please notify us of any spills or accidents.

We strive to provide you with a safe clean environment. Please advise us immediately if we fail to notice wet spots on the floor or other potential hazards. For your safety we ask that no running take place on the premises and no toys be left in walkways. Please also note that this is a non-smoking campus. If you are accompanying a child you cannot leave the premises and you are not allowed to smoke on the premises. Please plan accordingly.

We thank you for choosing River Road Surgery Center. We hope your experience will be enjoyable. Please inform our staff if there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable.