Men Who Have Facial Plastic Surgery Are More Attractive

If you’re a male considering facial plastic surgery in Salem, be prepared for positive attention. A new study shows that men who undergo cosmetic surgery procedures on their face are deemed more attractive, likable and trustworthy, and have better social skills, according to a new study. Cosmetic Procedures Improve Personality Traits A study published in
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New Goggles Could Help Diagnose Vertigo

Mature woman with head in hands and eyes closed, close-up

If you have ever experienced a sensation of dizziness or imbalance, you are hardly alone. Approximately 4 out of 10 people in Salem have had at least one dizzy episode at some point in their lives, and vertigo is especially common. It can be tricky to diagnose, but a new type of goggles could help
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How to Be a Better Colleague to Coworkers with Hearing Loss

women at work

People with hearing loss in Salem who must punch the timeclock face difficulties that can hamper their productivity and make the 9-to-5 grind even more demanding than it is for those of us whose biggest concern is whether heating up last night’s leftovers in the break room microwave might make the office smell like fish.
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Vertigo Sufferers Could Benefit from Special Goggles

child wearing pilot goggles

Vertigo is a common balance disorder in Salem; about four out of every ten Oregonians will experience it at least once in their lives. Broadly described as a feeling of unsteadiness, the trademark sign of vertigo is the sensation that your environment is moving even when you are standing still. Vertigo is notoriously hard to
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Relationships Can Shine with Better Communication

Relationships Can Shine with Better Communication. Learn how we can help you communicate better with your loved ones and schedule your appointment today. Check out our new billboard!

Protruding Ears: Overcoming the Stigma

ear with an earring

Children in Salem can be bullied for a seemingly endless number of reasons. Oftentimes, their physical appearance makes them targets; those with protruding ears often find themselves the victims of schoolyard taunts. A simple surgical procedure can help anybody uncomfortable with the appearance of their ears. Physical Appearance and Self-Esteem Issues Healthline magazine writes, “Ears
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Are My Watery Eyes and Runny Nose Allergies or Sinusitis?

butterfly on a flower

Up and down the Willamette Valley, people are sneezing and coughing. The fertile beauty of the valley comes with a price: excessive pollen production in the springtime. But it turns out your symptoms might not be related to allergies at all. Spring is well underway now in Oregon and across the U.S. Unfortunately, many people
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When Should You See an ENT?

landline telephone

Ear, nose and throat specialists – commonly referred to as ENT doctors – aren’t well known to many people in Salem. These hard-working medical professionals treat patients suffering from a wide variety of symptoms. So, how do you know when it’s time to seek medical attention from an ENT? What is Otolaryngology? Ear, nose and
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Best of Mid Valley 2019

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Injectable Fillers Help You Turn Back the Clock

Instagram up on a laptop screen

If you’re thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery in Salem but are worried about the cost, there may be a less-pensive option to consider. Depending on your ultimate goal, injectable fillers might be the ticket to a new you. Turning Back the Clock – Inexpensively Instagram is the perfect visual medium to showcase the positive effects
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