The anesthesia services at River Road Surgery Center are provided by a select group of Board Certified anesthesiologists. While they are an important part of our medical team whom we work with closely to provide excellent care, you should understand that they are not directly employed by River Road Surgery Center or Willamette ENT. Most of these providers are with the Noble Dreams Anesthesia but we do work with independent anesthesiologists as well.

There will be a separate bill for anesthesia services and all claims and billing are handled by their billing offices. Since most of our anesthesiologist are with Noble Dreams Anesthesia, you will find the billing department link below. On the day of surgery, you will be given information on your anesthesiologist’s billing department if the provider is not with Noble Dreams Anesthesia. For further information about Noble Dreams Anesthesia billing, visit their website. Our independent providers will honor payment arrangements that are made prior to surgery with Noble Dreams Anesthesia.

Anesthesia is the use of medications to enable a patient to comfortably undergo surgery or a procedure or recover from injury or illness.

To our anesthesiologists, however, anesthesia also means much more. Our physicians recognize that anesthesia care encompasses total care of the surgical patient, before, during and after surgery. This includes ensuring patient comfort, supporting vital life functions, and monitoring, diagnosing and treating any medical conditions that might be pre-existing or arise during surgery.

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