Our Surgery Center provides high quality standards of surgical care for our patients and their families in a safe and compassionate environment.

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Clark R. Thompson


Dr. Thompson’s philosophy of care centers on developing relationships with patients based on trust and open communication. This partnership helps him create personalized treatment plans to meet each patient’s unique needs and goals, while providing conscientious and empathetic care. Areas of clinical interest Medical and Surgical Treatment for Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases and Disorders…

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Joseph Allan


Dr. Allan’s philosophy of care involves developing an individualized treatment plan to support his patients’ ability to enjoy their lives to the fullest. He brings warmth and humor to each patient’s visit to help reduce any anxiety. He particularly enjoys interacting with children because their perspective helps him see things in a fresh way each…

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Bruce C. Johnson


Dr. Johnson recognizes the importance of being a good listener in order to understand his patients’ concerns. His focus is on forming relationships built on trust and respect as the basis for providing the best possible care. He feels that humor and a bright outlook can have a positive impact on people. As an active…

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John S. Donovan


Dr. Donovan’s philosophy of care is a team-based approach. He provides a straightforward approach to help the patient understand their diagnosis and treatment options and feel comfortable with the treatment plan. He believes cooperation and communication help build long-term relationships that support the foundation of health and well-being. Areas of clinical interest Head and Neck…

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Gary J. Nishioka


Dr. Nishioka emphasizes patient education and embracing ongoing, up-to-date learning as the foundation of providing each individual with a well-rounded and comprehensive care plan. He provides respect and compassion to each of his patients. Because Otolaryngology includes a wide-range of diseases and conditions affecting every age, he believes the diversity of the practice makes it…

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