When to Bring Your Child to an ENT

Ear, nose and throat concerns are among the top reasons children are brought to the doctor. This is because children are especially sensitive to issues like ear infections and food allergies, and because certain birth defects such as cleft palates must be treated at a young age to prevent complications later on. Here are some
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Treating Sinus Infections Without Surgery

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Chronic sinus infections are a widespread problem in Salem and across the country. An estimated 37 million Americans are diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, defined as an infection that persists for longer than eight weeks. Medications are often ineffective, leaving people with few options other than surgery. Researchers from the University of Cincinnati recently completed a
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Immunotherapy: A Secret Weapon in the War on Asthma?

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People in Salem are no strangers to allergies. After all, the Willamette Valley is notorious for being the grass seed capital of the world—and where there is grass, there are allergies. For many allergy sufferers, immunotherapy offers long-term relief. New evidence shows it might also be an effective treatment for those will allergic asthma. How
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Men Who Have Facial Plastic Surgery Are More Attractive

If you’re a male considering facial plastic surgery in Salem, be prepared for positive attention. A new study shows that men who undergo cosmetic surgery procedures on their face are deemed more attractive, likable and trustworthy, and have better social skills, according to a new study. Cosmetic Procedures Improve Personality Traits A study published in
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Protruding Ears: Overcoming the Stigma

ear with an earring

Children in Salem can be bullied for a seemingly endless number of reasons. Oftentimes, their physical appearance makes them targets; those with protruding ears often find themselves the victims of schoolyard taunts. A simple surgical procedure can help anybody uncomfortable with the appearance of their ears. Physical Appearance and Self-Esteem Issues Healthline magazine writes, “Ears
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Are My Watery Eyes and Runny Nose Allergies or Sinusitis?

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Up and down the Willamette Valley, people are sneezing and coughing. The fertile beauty of the valley comes with a price: excessive pollen production in the springtime. But it turns out your symptoms might not be related to allergies at all. Spring is well underway now in Oregon and across the U.S. Unfortunately, many people
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When Should You See an ENT?

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Ear, nose and throat specialists – commonly referred to as ENT doctors – aren’t well known to many people in Salem. These hard-working medical professionals treat patients suffering from a wide variety of symptoms. So, how do you know when it’s time to seek medical attention from an ENT? What is Otolaryngology? Ear, nose and
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Best of Mid Valley 2019

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Home Remedies: Fiction and Fact

With numerous health and wellness blogs suggesting do-it-yourself home remedies, many patients are skipping visits to their doctor’s office in favor of a do-it-yourself approach. However, there are misconceptions and concerns about many of these home remedies. Ear Candling/Coning This alternative medicine technique involves using a cone-shaped device placed in the ear canal while smoke
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Sinus Headaches vs. Migraines

How can you tell if you have a sinus headache? At Willamette Ear, Nose, Throat, we see many patients who come in seeking treatment for sinus infections when they are suffering from a migraine or tension headache instead. Migraines often mimic sinus infections because they irritate the trigeminal cranial nerve that spans the forehead, cheeks,
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