Our practice has been helping patients with sinus problems for over five decades. We offer complete sinus care, including workup and treatment of nasal obstruction, deviated septum, enlargement of turbinates, sinonasal polyps, nosebleeds and chronic and recurrent sinusitis.

Sinus Disease Salem, OR When sinuses become inflamed or infected, the condition is called sinusitis. Sinusitis may be acute (symptoms present for less than 1 month), subacute (symptoms last for 1 to 3 months), or chronic (symptoms persist longer than 3 months). Symptoms can include a stuffy nose, a discharge from the nose that is yellow, green, bad-smelling or tinged with blood, redness inside the nose, swelling or dull pain around the eyes, tenderness in the area of the cheeks or around the eyes, cheek pain that may be mistaken for a toothache, a feeling of “pressure” in the head, a morning headache, or a headache that gets worse when you bend forward.

The workup of your sinonasal problem may require a flexible or rigid endoscopy, culture, biopsy or CT sinus scan, all of which can be performed onsite. Our CT scans are done with you sitting in an upright position for a duration of 10-20 seconds utilizing only 1/6 the amount of radiation as typical scanners. Images are available to review with your surgeon the same day.

Depending on the results of this evaluation, a minimally invasive Balloon Sinus Dilation procedure may provide relief of serious pressure and recurrent sinus infection. This procedure can be done in the office, and allows most patients to resume normal activity the following day.

Endoscopic sinus surgery, occasionally combined with other types of nasal surgery, can be used for more involved problems, and is still performed as an outpatient procedure.

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