pediatrics - Salem, OregonMany disorders that affect the head and neck are also seen in children. Conditions may be treated quite differently in a child compared to an adult because children face a variety of unique ear, nose and throat problems.

The most common problems include ear infections, enlargement or infection of the tonsils and adenoids, sinusitis, and allergies. Children are also at risk for congenital birth defects that can affect everything from their ability to breathe to their ongoing physical and intellectual development.

Our doctors can examine your child’s ears, nose, and throat in their entirety. Since hearing is crucial for speech and language development, our audiologists have extensive experience testing your child’s hearing.


If necessary, we can perform outpatient surgical procedures such as ear tube placement, adenoidectomy, and tonsillectomy to improve hearing and breathing. We can perform on-site Strep tests to determine if your child’s sore throat is caused by the streptococcus bacterium in the same visit.

Ear Infections

Fluid in the middle ear accumulates when the eustachian tube becomes obstructed. This can occur following a viral or bacterial infection and is especially common in children. The fluid buildup presses on the eardrum, causing pain and leading to infection. Children enrolled in daycare, especially if there are a lot of kids, are frequently exposed…

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Tonsil Infections

Tonsil infections are very common in children. They occur when a virus or bacterium causes inflammation and infection. The tonsils become much less important by the mid-teens, and tonsil infections after this age are rare. In addition to the pain associated with infection, the tonsils appear red and swollen. They often have a white, yellow…

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Airway Problems

Children are prone to airway problems that can affect their breathing and lead to unpleasant or painful symptoms. Some are minor, but others can be more serious. The most common causes include upper and lower respiratory tract infections, colds, flu, sinus infections, asthma, croup, bronchiolitis and pneumonia. These conditions can lead to shortness of breath,…

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