Hearing Aids Salem OROne way of treating hearing loss is with hearing aids. Modern hearing devices are digital microcomputers that can automatically adjust to sound thousands of times per second, making speech comfortable and natural sounding. Hearing Device Evaluations & Consultations for hearing devices are available at no charge to patients and insurance.

At this appointment we will discuss your lifestyle and try to match levels of technology to match your daily lifestyle. We will program hearing aids specifically for your hearing loss and allow you to listen to hearing aids to help you with your decision.

This is not a high-pressure “sales pitch” to you and your family. We would like the opportunity to sit down and hear what your hearing device could sound like, ask any questions you might have. You will walk away with more information about hearing aids, the costs of hearing aids and process for obtaining hearing aids, if you so desire, all at no charge to you or your insurance. We want you to maintain a lifestyle you desire and keep you connected to friends and family and life!

Choosing a Hearing Aid

Following your hearing test, your audiologist will determine whether you are a candidate for hearing aids. If it is determined you will benefit from wearing them, we will schedule a hearing aid evaluation during which your audiologist will help you determine which hearing aid is best for you. With today’s technology we can consider hearing…

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Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing Aid Manufacturers The companies we work with most often include: GN ReSound Oticon Phonak Widex We can order, program and repair most other manufactures. Please call to inquire if you need assistance with your hearing aids. Hearing Aid Styles The audiogram/hearing loss, lifestyle, and dexterity needs will determine which style is best for you.…

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Hearing Aid Fittings

We work with multiple hearing aid manufacturers and ear mold labs to provide a customized solution for every patient. An important part of the process involves fitting the hearing aid – in other words, programming it to your specific needs and making adjustments to ensure you receive the right amount of amplification for your degree…

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids are complex instruments that are exposed to a harsh environment every single day. Moisture, heat and earwax can all cause trouble for the internal and external components. Hearing Aid Repair services, reprogramming, and warranties are available for most makes and models of hearing aids. To protect your hearing aids and reduce the odds…

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Assistive Listening Devices

A variety of assistive listening and alerting devices are available for demonstration in our office. All are designed to improve your communication experience, and include ALDs, alarm clocks, and amplified telephones. Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are essentially portable amplifiers used to boost sound, making it easier to hear in situations where background noise can limit…

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