Hearing Aid Fittings Salem ORWe work with multiple hearing aid manufacturers and ear mold labs to provide a customized solution for every patient. An important part of the process involves fitting the hearing aid – in other words, programming it to your specific needs and making adjustments to ensure you receive the right amount of amplification for your degree of hearing loss.

The first step in the fitting process is counseling. We want to make sure you have realistic expectations for what hearing aids can and cannot do, and will discuss with you the many advantages (as well as limitations) of hearing devices.

Next, we’ll make sure your hearing aids fit comfortably. We will then program them based on your hearing loss and lifestyle. We’ll show you how to use them properly, going over insertion and removal, how to change the batteries, and the steps required for care and cleaning. Finally, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment to give you a few weeks to get used to wearing your hearing devices. This will allow us to make any additional adjustments, and gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.