Allergy Services Salem OregonAllergies afflict millions of Americans, and can appear, disappear and even appear again at any age. Allergies are often inherited, and are brought on by a reaction to something eaten or in the environment that does not affect most others.

The range of allergy symptoms are vast, from the usual sneezing, runny nose, nasal stuffiness and itchy, watery eyes to more serious symptoms like chronic “sinus’ problems, postnasal drip, head congestion, frequent “colds”, recurring ear infections, hearing loss, dizziness, chronic cough and asthma. Things like stomach and intestinal problems, skin rashes, chronic headaches and fatigue can also be symptoms of allergies. We are here to help you with all of your allergy needs.

An Otolaryngic Allergist is able to diagnose and treat disorders of the upper respiratory tract (ear, nose and throat) caused by allergic conditions. Because these Otolaryngic Allergists are also ear, nose and throat surgeons and specialists, other non-allergic diseases of the upper respiratory tract can also be diagnosed and treated.