At the Facial Cosmetics Center, our goal is to create the best you while maintaining the uniqueness of your physique.

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Gary J. Nishioka


Dr. Nishioka emphasizes patient education and embracing ongoing, up-to-date learning as the foundation of providing each individual with a well-rounded and comprehensive care plan. He provides respect and compassion to each of his patients. Because Otolaryngology includes a wide-range of diseases and conditions affecting every age, he believes the diversity of the practice makes it…

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Director of Facial Cosmetic Center

Linda has been employed at Willamette Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery since 1998 as the Director of the Facial Cosmetic Center and Patient Scheduler for Dr. Nishioka. She is also the Green Team Leader for the clinic as well as for River Road Surgery Center. After having completed the Marion County Master Recycling…

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